Blog & Jog

Lunch today packed and ready

My New Year’s Resolution was to blog and jog. I’ve been super lame about it and granted it was not entirely my fault, but not continuing to soldier on is my fault. So, here I am! I’ll be posting on my organized home commitment, though I’ll be giving myself a little grace about it. It is something I’ve already been doing with all the snow days I’ve been given. Simplifying, DE-cluttering my life, and starting again. Sometimes you just need to begin again. That is March for me.

A new beginning, I’ve done a few things to set myself up for success:

1) I’ve packed my lunches (in reusable lunch bags I found while DE-cluttering) for the week so I have no excuse to eat poorly.

2) I’ve secured an elliptical machine since it is too cold and icy to jog outside. (Still need to pick it up)- meanwhile I’ll use my indoor trampoline and shovel snow so I am not entirely inactive.

3) I’ve told some friends both at home and at work to keep me accountable.

2 thoughts on “Blog & Jog

    1. Thanks Jessica! The weather is quite conducive to funky moods and me wanting to make a nest of blankets and popcorn on the couch. There is no remedy like accountability, and I’m glad to still be doing well. Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

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