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Works For Me Wednesday- Clean Printer Cartridge

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I often get asked in the office “Tari help!” one of the frequent questions is “Why is my printer printing smudge marks all over my very important document?!” This is frequently followed by a “Fix this yesterday!” It is quite fortunate that besides my fantastic

“Googling” skills I also am a sponge for sucking up little cleaning tricks that make my life infinitely easier, and provide me with job security. So without further delay here is my works for me wednesday tip to clean your printer cartridge and get rid of unsightly printing smears:

You will need:

  • Cotton balls, Swabs, and possibly a Kleenex
  • Rubbing alcohol

1) Remove your printer cartridge the same way as you replace it:

 2) Then you take the cotton ball, and put rubbing alcohol on it and rub it all over the ink laiden surface where it collects inside the cartridge, you may need to flip up a flap or two, in general if it does not move easily let it be. (I’ve broken things this way), but if you’re brave explore every nook and cranny where ink or toner likes to hide- use the swabs for delicate or small work, then run a tissue over it all, and slide it back in.

It should look all bright and shiny, and should extend the life of your cartridge, I’ve done this twice before needing to replace this particular cartridge.

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