Blog & Jog


It is day four of my renewed blog and jog commitment and I feel a lot better. Who knew eating better and exercising more would to that to a person? My elliptical arrived yesterday and I’m ashamed to say I was plumb tuckered out after five minutes! I am determined to do it every work day for at least 15 minutes and gradually increase the time to 30 minutes. Did I tell you I was out of shape? Well, I am and embarrassingly so. However I am making headway and every 15 is more than I’ve done before. How is everyone else doing with their resolution(s)?

2 thoughts on “Blog & Jog

  1. When I read your post title initially I was thinking you were able to jog on the treadmill WHILE writing on your blog! That would be extreme multi-tasking 🙂

    Keep up your great work! Even a 10-minute workout is better than no workout. My resolutions for this year are going relatively well, except I’ve been slacking on crafting :s I have a one-year-old and he’s more interested in destroying mom’s crafts than making them with me!

    God bless! Thanks for linking up on Thriving Thursday.
    Amy @

    1. Hello Amy! Multitasking- oh that does sound tempting, but the way I breathe while working out I believe that is the only task I’ll be doing for a while! I can imagine it would be difficult to keep the many crafting supplies out of reach (ha ha) of curious hands. well done on keeping up with your other resolutions. I try to keep one or two so that I can stick with them. I’ll be posting about my garden adventures soon, that was my only resolution last year and I’m determined to make it a success again this year.

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