4 weeks to an organized home- day three and four


So I must admit I skipped a day, I actually fell asleep super early! Oops turns out I took a rip-van-winkle style nap and woke up on day four already behind. No matter, I got everything done today including a couple things that weren’t on the challenge list. My freezer was already packed to the gills from my freezer cooking day, and I didn’t realize how disheveled it had become. I soon righted it by stashing veggies together, meats, fish, and my big collection of cherries in their own homes. I’ll be making cherry cobbler tomorrow as I found I have more than enough! (Once again not for me still on my wagon). I also quickly picked up things under my bed and night stand, which I am embarrassed to say harbored a missing sock I borrowed from my friend. The other one has been missing his mate in my sock basket- I do love happy endings. Shocking! I know, my apologies.

*I’ve also been remiss in stating that this challenge is from and I am super thankful for her great blog, and challenge! PS favorite day: car cleaning day. What is your favorite day in the challenge?


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