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Introducing Gabby and Pilot


I’ve mentioned our fur-kids once or twice, so I thought I’d introduce you to Gabby and Pilot. Gabby is a Wheaten terrier, she is the oldest by one year and by far the most sensitive of the two. You look at her crossly, and she’ll cry or go into the next room as penance. She is however the one that cares if you’re feeling poorly or will stay in the room with you and follow wherever you go. We usually give her a faux hawk because we would never be able to keep up with a Wheaten show cut. She’s vain and must be pretty. Pilot is an ox, a Pointing Griffon of an ox. He will wiggle and jump and barrel through just about anything, including but not limited to: knees, noses, fences, cars, dirt, mountains, and prairies. He is the one that will fetch you anything your heart does or does not desire. We’ve invested in boxes for our guests shoe because of this phenomenon. He I’d out legalistic dog. He knows it is against the rules to be on the couch so he will frequently “beach” himself, (yes like a whale) without his paws on the couch knowing he is being good and following the rules. But when they give me such sweet faces I can’t help but give them a treat… especially when the sit, and stay.

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