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The Monica Closet

Monica Closet

“Friends” The One with the Secret Closet (2002)

Many of you have heard me refer to my Monica Closet… My master bedroom closet, the one room where in a rash act of convenience you shove everything into when guests surprise you. I’ve been thinking a lot about my Monica closet and how it correlates to our bible study me myself and lies.

I thought to myself why do I keep so much junk that I don’t use (obviously) and don’t need?

At one point in the battle with the MC, I actually had a box labeled “things I do not know where they go box” If that didn’t speak volumes I don’t know what does.

So after this whole time of asking “have you seen the ____?” followed by the “no…” and then finding it two months later “ohhh… it was in the Monica closet…” I decided enough was enough and took a Saturday and cleaned it out. I put a keep, toss, donate bin in the room, and got rid of so much that it looks like I can breathe again. funny how stuff suffocates. I was a little shocked at my attachment to things I never looked at or used.

It reminded me of the attachment I have for things in my thought closet that really don’t fit what God has thought of me. These thoughts I’ve had forever and I seem to not be able to part with, some are even harmful negative thoughts, but because I’ve had them so long I’ve deemed them “classic” like antiques, but the difference is in value, while an actual antique will increase in value like the priceless thoughts of our Savior, these “junk pieces just take up space and distract us from our real purpose, disabling us from really serving and being ministered unto as Christ really intended.

So after a few hours of realizing this I started breaking down these physical strongholds, things that captured me from being 100% hospitable when called on by the Lord. I threw out so much it started to look promising. like a clean slate. I started to fill it with things that had definite purpose and that I used often.

Now with clutter gone, my room, and eventually the entire house is starting to become more useful. All these spaces that were hidden can now be used as a space to entertain, give a refreshment, do a quiet time, and be ready for someone in an instant. I’ve finally gotten ready to serve and Give my house back to the one who gave it to me. After all, all I have is truly his.

I pray that as I clean my house and keep it ready for the master, I clean my heart and mind right along with it, thinking of only things that are pure, right, lovely and pleasing to Christ.

I’d like to proudly announce that its been two weeks, and my Monica closet is still clean and orderly, still labeled with only the things that belong in it. 🙂 yes you can look at it.

I’ve updated this story, from when I first cleaned my Monica Closet 4 years ago, because even the Monica Closet needs a fresh start. just like we need fresh renewing of our minds.


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