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4 weeks to an organized home- day six

Car Interior

Day Six my favorite day! I love cleaning out my car, because I spend quite a bit of time in it, and it gives me a sense of accomplishment in a rather short time span. I confess, I really didn’t want to do this project today, but I had incentive as I am giving my boss a ride to a meeting today and I’d be really embarrassed to say “hey would you mind moving my mittens, goggles and receipts so you can sit down?”

So, I tossed all my winter mass of coats scarves and random belongings into a laundry basket, vacuumed, sprayed with Febreeze, wiped the surfaces with Pink Grapefruit Method, and Boom. Beautiful car. This morning- because I was too tired after a long workday yesterday. I did not go through the car wash as I had planned, because it rained last night and there are huge mud puddles everywhere. My car looks hideous from the outside. It is who you are on the inside that counts right? 🙂

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