A Dental Story

DentalI was a freshman in high school, I never disliked dentists or their esteemed profession. I had my teeth cleaned and checked regularly, and did not have many cavities. It was then in the Summer of my freshman year that my whole dental life was spoiled for years.

My wisdom teeth were to be removed, mind you they were not causing any damage at this point and never bothered me. The dentist I was seeing did not put me to sleep and took an extremely long time in removing three of my teeth (read 6 hours) by which time my shots were beginning to wear off (all 12 of them). I remember shaking in fear for quite a long time as the last tooth was extracted by what I perceived to be a chisel-like tool. At last I was sewn up and sent home. I apparently don’t handle pain medication well and threw it up, which was bad since my mouth hurt as well. Needless to say from this stemmed my severe dislike for anything dental visit related. It took me five years, with double check ups and laughing gas to get me back in the chair again. I persevered. I would go to Dairy Queen for lunch afterward as a soothing ice cream thought seemed to be the little incentive on which I could focus. I’ve been faithfully going to the dentist ever since, twice a year. I love my new dentist and the hygienists in the office are always kind. I also think it helps to have the Property Brothers fixing houses on while they are fixing my teeth. I have no further dental damage, and as per usual I need to floss more, but I’ve lost my fear, and that is a beautiful feeling. There are some things in life I pay dearly for, and good dental work is one of them. It took me a little “dental dating” with some pretty sore losers before I was brave enough, and found a right fit for me. I just wanted to encourage someone who had gone through something very unkind and unnecessary, that even though it was tough and (I can talk about it without crying now), to keep your chin up and keep trying, because in the end there is a right fit for you, and there are kind people that will take special care to notice when you’re hurting.

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