4 weeks to an organized home- days 7,8,9 &10

It has been a crazy week here, and I am finally caught up with the daily assignments for an organized home! Baseboards-check, door handles-check, light switch plates-check, and light fixtures- thanks to the tall handsome hubbs, check. Did I mention I was giving myself a little grace here? 🙂 You bet I am, when I do things exactly when and how I plan to do them and don’t give myself wiggle room I miss out on a lot of great life stuff and miss out on opportunities to reach out to what really matters: living life with people. I’ve figured out along the way that people don’t really come over to see how clean my floor is (or how muddy paws get everywhere) but to spend time with me. It is a valuable gift that I’d hate to waste worrying bout if they’re judging my puppy nose covered patio door. This lesson has taken a long time, but when you’re at my house have some cocoa or tea, I want to spend time with you.

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