4 weeks to an organized home- day eleven

Day eleven is a success! I got rid of some extra pieces I never use, relocated a couple rogue utensils, and some sauce packets that are exactly one million years old. 😉 I’ve taken out a couple bamboo separator slats to make room for frequently used items: small ladles and serving spoons, and veggie peelers. I got my utensil drawer insert at Costco and I find it is the best one I’ve had yet. Good design and flexible interchangeable slat compartments.
One of my favorite features of this drawer is that it contains washable crayons. I use them to mark my leftover lids as the labeling washes off in the dishwasher. 🙂 I can’t remember where I read that tip, but it works brilliantly. I recommend using darker colors so they show up better on light lids.


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