4 weeks to an organized home- day thirteen


This assignment was super long for me. One and a half hours later I came up with this success. Don’t judge Pilot’s tennis balls and chuck-it. That’s where it lives or else I have disemboweled tennis balls everywhere. 😉

I ended up finding a better method than my original swifter duster approach:

1) Get a small bowl of warm water, a dish cloth and some blue dawn dish soap.
2) Moisten the cloth and use large about a tsp of soap on the cloth, clean the greasy dirt off of the top, it takes a couple passes.
3) Rinse the cloth in your water bowl and make a second, less soapy pass.

It took quite a while and I did have one casualty. One of my Willow Tree people lost a bird. I think I can super glue it back on, and it wasn’t my favorite. As a warning, clear the shelf next to where you’re scrubbing too as I elbowed that puppy into next week!

I also hand dusted the flowers up there. Who knew they were that yellow cream color? 😉 anyone have any tricks to dusting fake or real plants? I have a lot of house plants that are quite the dusty green shade these days.

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