4 weeks to an organized home- day fifteen


I was a little concerned that this project would take forever, but with a little clever reorganizing of file folders it was not as daunting as I had expected. I did both my work computer files, and my home computer files. I’ve organized work projects by project leaders, and working files by file type. I’ll see how well this organization method works in the next couple weeks and see if there is a better way. Is it just me or do you too get overwhelmed when there are numerous icons on your desktop? I know I’ve downloaded something at least twice because I couldn’t find it. I also ran into a slight snafu when trying to delete the selected file folder above, it seems to not exist of be located in the place it says, so it will not delete it. Silly computer, if it doesn’t exist- delete it! Any ideas?

PS- My wallpapers come from:



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