4 weeks to an organized home- day fourteen

drawersI was quite tired when I completed this project, and the end result gave me  a little pep! I got rid of the awkward dog silicon potholder, put all the scoops together and my many cherry pitters. I used to have a cherry tree and had pitting parties ha ha! Now I only have a little tree I planted two years ago, and I hope it lives to be as glorious as my other tree. I moved my light bulbs to a closet that has paper towels, toilet paper and my high efficiency light bulbs (got at a steal of a deal). My other trouble area was my battery/junk drawer. I found some plastic sandwich containers from the pantry that I labeled and filled with sorted batteries and furniture pads. This drawer also contains silver napkin rings, assorted adhesive materials and my hot glue gun. (Now I can repair the little bird from day thirteen! Do you have any storage solutions for  weird odds and ends such as scissors and markers that get lost? 

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