DIY simple room decor


Here is a fun do it yourself project that didn’t take too much time, but got quite a bit of bang for my buck. I had initially wanted to paint the room but after scouring Pinterest and Google images came up with this scenario. I already had chocolate colored black-out curtains (Ross) and two horridly mismatched lamps. The two new lamps came out to be about 11.00 each base and shade sold separately (Walmart). I bought the pretty letters for a total of 15.00 as they were half off (Hobby Lobby). The pillows were snatched from my living room, and we don’t seem to miss them. I bought a body pillow cover in chocolate to bring down the brown. It is a silky texture and was about 7.00 (Walmart) where I also purchased two white pillow cases to emphasize the puffy white duvet cover I got at a steal clearance sale at Nordstrom’s online. All in all it was pretty fun to put together and didn’t completely break the bank! I was thinking of introducing a third accent color like teal but couldn’t think of a really good one. Suggestions? I do like the simplicity, those first two lamps drove me nuts!

2 thoughts on “DIY simple room decor

  1. Teal looks great with chocolate! Nice idea. May I suggest, if you like to read in bed, the lampshade bottom should hit above your shoulder when you’re in bed so you can get light on your book. If you don’t, great! if you do want that, try raising them up either with stacked books or decorative boxes or just ignore me, lol!

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