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How does your garden grow?

Early last year's raised beds
Last Year we set up the raised beds in a similar manner to P. Allen Smith’s garden home.
Part of last year's bounty
I did get my one tomato! This is the encouragement in addition to my friends that made me want to continue this year!

Last year, my one New Year’s resolution was to make a garden and grow at least one tomato as I learned some ins and outs of gardening.
I lived up to my one resolution and did in fact get more than one tomato. My gardening buddies spurred me on and gave me encouragement to make my goal a success. My friends Alicia and Lindsay took turns helping me get compost, vermiculite, and peat moss mixtures, fill up beds we set up and set up a watering system.
The venture proved a success and they asked if we were doing it again this year! With all the heavy lifting and “poop scooping” done last year I thought it might not be a bad continuation. I learned a ton last year, by no means do I claim to be an expert, but I do know a bit more than I did last year. We’ve added another gardening friend to our club this year and have a renewed vigor for the project! I’ve posted a few pictures below of our success last year and our first session this year, so please enjoy and leave any tricks you’ve learned in the comments below.
The book that started it all (affiliate link):
All New Square Foot Gardening, Second Edition: The Revolutionary Way to Grow More In Less Space

A great beginning for this year's garden.
My friends helped me plant the early indoor seeds today, even with the snow outside, out gardening instincts are kicking in strongly! We’ve left one space in the corner free of dirt to water from the bottom of the tray with two-fold benefits: 1- The seedlings remain undisturbed (I knocked quite a few over last year on my wire shelf as I used re-purposed coffee cups) and 2- forces the roots to grow deeper to reach the water below.

Filled with dirt, one cell for watering open
Here they are filled with dirt, and left one space open for watering.
Seedling trays in the window
My seedling trays on the bookshelf, watered, labeled with $store popcicle sticks, ready to grow.

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