I took part in a disaster training not too long ago, and wanted to share some of the excitement. Our city really pulls together to be ready if/when a disaster happens. They practice with Police, Fire Departments from all over, Ambulance services, Hospitals, Emergency Operating Center, and many others. All take a part in the disaster play and practice, evaluate, and decide what areas need improvement and which areas they have down to perfection. My specific task was to help oversee volunteers, and place practice calls to test responses. It is a huge event, and makes me feel like our community can really work together in a tough time. Especially since they are so diligent to practice their individual skills as a collaborative group. – I think everyone should be in a mock exercise at least once so they can see what really goes on during a disaster, and what they can do to be ready themselves. I had no idea until it became part of my job. If you want to learn more about how you can be prepared check out you can find specific information and what to do in advance so you’re ready if something ever happens in your area.

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