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Eight Years

Sometimes I am half afraid to say or write things, for fear that my words will not amaze a room, or be important, life altering, or even mean a tiny thing. Then I realize, that if I say something genuine and kind to someone, or offer a small timely piece of information, or give a little encouraging word- I’ve made a difference. One small word at a time. In honor of the small words and of a very important day I have a few small words for my best friend and love.
To my handsome husband:
For eight years you have heard me. You waited for me when I could not speak. You cared when it was a small thing. You filled me with courage when I was full of cowardice. You lifted my spirits when I was downtrodden. You gave hope when I was doubtful. You held my hand at unexpected moments. You took me on drives and made me dizzy with excitement. You forgave when I deserved it the least. You laughed at silly British jokes with me. You cringed at Mr. Collins as much as I did. You stopped by the roadside so I could pick weeds flowers. You fluffed our dogs after a bath. You loved me in so many tangible ways. For all the small things that you’ve done- know that after all, they weren’t so small to me.
Thank you for reflecting Christ in your love. Thank you for taking the garbage out and splitting ice cream bars with me. I am so excited to see what the next eight years bring.

Thank you Tricia for our anniversary picture


2 thoughts on “Eight Years

  1. You should definitely use your words because you have a way with them. This is a beautiful tribute! Happy eighth you two. We love you both!

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