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Versatile Front Entry


It is one of my passions to have people over to my house. To make them feel welcome from the time they spot my front door to the moment they get in their car to leave. An undeniably huge part of that experience is my attitude. I know from experience (a couple of crazy moments in hosting family) that I need some buffer time between me being prepared and the time of the arrival of my guests. This time allows me to focus on the real importance of the event: the precious time I can spend with them. When I realize it isn’t the fact that time passes with people I know in proximity, but that that relationship is worth time and effort, then I am in a good place to love well.

On a practical note, first impressions make a statement that is pretty hard to debunk. So in an effort to make my front entry welcoming and easy to maintain I have a couple tea-cup planters. These I can fill with various seasonal items. Right now you can see the red geraniums. In the Fall I have glittery pumpkins, in the Winter I do Christmas bulbs and poinsettias, Spring I have white eggs (I can leave them out more than Easter!)

My friend gave me the little placard with the little birds! I was wracking my brain to know what to put in that exact spot. Now that it is there, I can’t imagine anything else.

Do you have any ideas on a versatile door sign or wreath? I’ve been stumped on that subject for years.

2 thoughts on “Versatile Front Entry

  1. Your entry is very inviting! We just bought our first home and are slowly working on moving and putting it together, so I haven’t gotten a chance to think about our entryway yet . . . but I’m definitely looking forward to hosting friends and family, and I love your teacup planters!

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