R&R Transformers 4 Review

All the opportunity in the world to rectify past error, open up a whole new world of character development, start afresh with an all new cast, and I’m sorry to say an opportunity squandered.
Transformers Age of Extinction is the continuation of a poorly written, loosely plotted out franchise rip-off. I hate to be cruel to such a great premise- adventure- action- science fiction- what is not to like?
With the Swiss cheese of story line and non-delivery of character depth I can only say one thing: dinobots. These were artistically rendered and had beautiful movement. They we’re believe able and I hope to see more of them in the future.
I will acknowledge the attempt to branch out into a different male character lead and support with a drifting (car) enthusiast, though they should have cast Ken Block. I dare say he would have delivered a higher performance on both acting and drifting.
The female lead was lack-luster, (no surprise there) and I would have felt more comfortable without the constant reminder that she was underage. (Would it have been that much harder to make her 18 and just graduated?- I think not)

Without giving away any spoilers- (not that there were any), I will say this: this movie is not family friendly. The father is disrespected at every turn, portrayed as an inventor that though positive cannot invent, his daughter takes care of him. There are numerous curse words, and had no intention of making Optimus Prime a noble or strong leader. There is no one to look up to, and the villains had a more hefty plot line than anyone in the film.
The autobots had forgettable characters, and the purpose of the film was lost amidst the expected myriad of costly explosions at the expense of a promising fresh start.

Plot: **
Kid Friendly: *
Character development: *
Special Effects:****
Like-able characters:**
Costume design:*

I wouldn’t take my niece and nephew to this. I’d rather watch the animated series at home.


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