The common sense revivalist

It has long been my suspicion that you can always count on people’s laziness. My friend Jaci reminds me I once said “Laziness is not the path to awesomeness.” This is why I can park with confidence in the back of a parking lot with minimal fear of being door dinged. It is why if I’d rather get somewhere faster, I take a longer route preferring to make a right, a legal u-turn, and arrive faster (and mostly safer) than the line of “persistent left hand turners”.

Common sense does not relegate itself only to the drivers seat, or laziness for that matter. This sense is best seen in the way people treat one another, ever more so this time of year, when tensions run high, and it seems that getting everything on the to-do list done is the only goal, at least until New Year where we can commit to be better. It is the Mardi Gras before the fasting begins, in which most of us don’t make it a couple months let alone the year. Our relationships are so much more precious than the things we do.

I am as guilty as the rest, of being a little lazy, not making good on many goals, wanting to be the best, and sometimes showing the very worst of myself for it. What I’m trying to say is that I want to live a simpler year. Take my time in making good decisions, make time for people, love well, and take out the non, and put the good back into my sense.

I’m not sure what it will all entail, but I know this, if anything is worth doing, I’m going to do my best to do it well. Frivolity can be tiring. Life is a gift worth living out well, having common courtesy as well as common sense. This year, my one resolution is to be the common sense revivalist.

If you were wondering, I did fair with the blog & jog goal of this year. (I probably should have made it simpler) 🙂


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