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I cannot express in words the wonder I had in returning to a place of which I only had small pictures in my mind – passages of time and “smemories”.

Smemories are smells that trigger a memory for me- as a “super smeller” these smells are ingrained into my mind until a sneaking smell comes my way and takes me immediately back to a place where I’ve been, and I can relive any moment at the tiniest wafting scent. I dearly loved the scent of pupusas, tamarindo juice, and my sisters as they were in close proximity and always smell divine. 🙂

This trip was a life-long dream come true. In a whirlwind of adventure of sights and sound-I loved seeing my family and getting to know them walking up and down the streets of “El Valle de Los Angeles” a picturesque place full of artisans and delicious coffee. The area is so undisturbed that moss grows freely among the roof tiles. though a hot spot for Sunday travelers feels like a place that is alive all on its own. We brought a birthday piñata for my sister and busted it right in the middle of the park! We are crazy that way.

The kind lady pictured making the famous pupusas revealed to me their secret construction- an undertaking I have yet to brave. Let it be known I am admittedly the worst at making tortillas.

I wanted to re-live a little of my vacation with you. Side note- the travel blogs are right. Pack light and you can bring coffee back home!

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