BaBee Announcement

I wanted to share the fun way we announced our pregnancy to our family. We made sure to mail these out to our far away relatives a couple days before with many warning labels not to open until 2:00 on Sunday (our announcement day/time).



The vast majority of the pieces on the announcement were purchased from Hobby Lobby, and about 1/4 I had on hand.

If you want to make a similar one these are the pieces I used:

  • Small Chevron Paper Sacks
  • Black Chalk Ornate Shape Die Cuts
  • Bees and assorted bug plastic beads (by the scrap-booking)
  • Tissue Paper
  • Yellow Cardstock
  • Black Chalkboard Scrapbook Paper
  • Letter “B” Stamp
  • Gold Inkpad
  • White Chalk Pen
  • White Snapshot Die Cuts
  • Hemp Cord
  • Flower Paper Punch
  • Corner Rounder Punch
  • Scallop Border Punch
  • Ultrasound Picture (scanned and printed to fit in the Die Cut)
  • Lip Balms (I used Burt’s Bees)

I made about 14 of these and it took me 3 1/2 hours. I recommend either breaking it up or making them with a friend as I was very tired of seeing bees after this!

I punched out a ton of little yellow flowers, labeling them: “Pull Slowly”, “Something is Causing a”, and “Buzz”

Then I traced a little rounded rectangle and cut out the lot of them and punched the corners round. I also punched the bottom border with the border punch.

I took the “B” stamp and Stamped all the rectangles, then wrote “We are Mom & Dad to Bee!”

I then taped the lip balm to the rectangle.

I cut out all the little ultrasound pictures and taped them into the die cut frames, and wrote “Our little honey comes December 16th”

I then pulled out the hemp cord and laid out a length on the table arranging all the items on the line spaced out by eye, about 1-2 inches apart.

I took the length of string and cut out the lengths to the same measurement and set them aside.

I arranged all the pieces in order and started assembly with either tape or knots as needed.

I tied the little Bee at the beginning followed by the flowers, rectangle, picture, and tied a bee at the end.

I set out the chevron sacks and put the strings in each bag, loosely taping the first “Pull Slowly” flower at the top of the bag with the bee hanging out. Then carefully set 1/2 a sheet of tissue paper in the bag and ruffled it slightly so the string was hidden inside.

Then I sat them in carrying boxes in the back of the car for us to meet for lunch and share them at 2:00 on Sunday!

It went over splendidly and everyone loved the way they all found out together!

Take a look at the finished product:


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