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Bump on a Budget- Dirt Cheap Storage

Today I accomplished one of my DIY projects I have had on my list a long time. Super inexpensive storage containers for Solomon’s closet. He’s recently outgrown his littlest baby clothes, and I need a spot to store things he doesn’t need yet and the aforementioned outgrown items.

storage bins

To do this project you’ll need:

  • Scissors
  • Box cutter or Exact-O knife
  • Various boxes of whatever size you’d prefer (I used two diaper boxes and a box from Costco (free is best!)
  • Contact paper- I got mine at Wal-Mart for under $4.00 (One twelve foot roll did my three boxes on all outer sides)

Storage Box Components

I sliced the handle holes open, the top flaps off the boxes, and made sure the top was even all the way around. I chose to cut side size appropriate panels of contact paper instead of making one continuous wrap since it was easier to line up the paper without as many wrinkles. On the shorter boxes the paper could fit two panels on one slice, so I could cut opposing sides at once which saved time and paper.

Lines on Contact Paper

The paper is lined on the back to make a more even cut. The top and bottom edges are easier to peel as there is a little extra backing to peel the sticky part off. Caution make sure the pattern lines up to your liking before you cut.

Special Fold

If you fold the backing of the paper back about an inch or so you can line up a smaller area of the paper to ensure a better fit and less bubbling.

line up contact paper

Line up the paper on the box and stick the exposed contact paper strip down. Then with one hand pull the waxy lining as you press the sticky side down.pressing down sticky paper

Fold the top and side flaps down and cut out handle flaps when appropriate by slicing little cuts to make flaps to fold inside the box.

Voilà! I suggest using packing tape to reinforce the edges, corners and handles to extend the use of the boxes.

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